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Tips & Recipes

My Secret Cleaning Weapon

In many of my formulations we have added the natural and powerful ingredient of genuine pure Savon de Marseille.  This is an ancient and handcrafted soap, crafted by only four certified savonneries (soap mills) located near Marseille, France.  Known for its purity and use in cleaning everything from your skin, to fabrics and carpeting, Savon de Marseille has been a staple of French households for over four hundred years.  It is made with a delicate blend of olive oil, alkaline ash from sea plants and sea salt, which is heated for ten days in antique copper cauldrons and then poured into open pits where it hardens.  The Savon de Marseille is highly concentrated and can then be processed into a liquid or solid form and used to effectively clean everything from laundry to floors.  This product is a wonderful French secret cleaning ingredient that is seen as a household necessity in finest chateaux to the simplest cottages.


Cleaning Top & Front Load Washing Machines

Keeping your washing machine clean from mildew, detergent residue and small particulate such as hair or clothing fibers is essential to optimize its performance, extend its life and most importantly give your laundry the freshest possible results.  My go-to solution is to use 1/4 cup Bonne Maman Concentrate mixed with 2 cups water.  This all-natural lemon/vinegar blend will remove grime and leave your washer sparkling clean.  Clean the detailed areas first such as the gaskets and under all rims and covers.  Begin by dipping an old toothbrush into the solution (dip in the wet toothbrush in a bit of baking soda after dipping in the Bonne Maman to add a bit of abrasive if needed), and then scrub.  Wipe any residue with a clean wet rag.  Next pour the remaining solution in the washing machine or liquid dispenser and run a complete cycle on hot water.  Repeat this several times a year to ensure basic maintenance.


Removing Oil/Grease Stains from Leather, Suede, Silk & other Non Water-Washable Materials

Attempting to clean fabrics and surfaces that can not be traditionally washed can be an expensive and daunting task.  I have the solution- my "Terre de Dampierre" miracle cleaning powder!  Use his all-natural product to draw the greasy matter up and out of the item and then simply brush (or with carpets) vacuum it away.  Liberally sprinkle the Terre de Dampierre over the stain and then press it into the area with your fingers.  Let it sit for 30 minutes and then brush away with my small cleaning brush or vacuum up if used on carpets or rugs.  If a bit of the grease stain still remains, repeat this process until all the residue is wicked up into my powder.

Disposal Cleaning is a Must

Kitchen disposals can harbor billions of odor causing bacteria and it is essential that this often overlooked kitchen appliance be cleaned regularly.  My favorite method is to use 1/4 cup Bonne Maman concentrate mixed with 1 1/2 cups water and pour the solution into an ice tray.  When the cubes are solid, drop 3-4 into your disposal and turn it on.  Let the ice circulate for 15 seconds and then rinse the disposal, while running, with hot water.  Save the balance of the cubes in a plastic zip bag for future use.  Remember to ensure that the disposal is empty when cleaning.  My entire family loves this tip and we clean the disposal often and enjoy the natural, clean fresh scent that it leaves in the sink.


Making Crystal Sparkle

Properly cleaning crystal chandeliers and crystal glassware can be a daunting task but not if you use the right products.  My grandmother made a beautiful recipe using citrus extracts to cut through the household grime that often builds on these infrequently used items and it smelled wonderful too.  Use my Vitre' to mist onto crystal, glass and mirrored surfaces and wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth.  This solution does not streak and leaves a wonderful orange blossom-fresh scent in the room.  For more delicate pieces I recommend using my highly absorbent waffle-weave Glass & Porcelain cleaning gloves with the Vitre' to wipe surfaces after spraying.  These gloves help to clean hard to reach delicate areas and are a must-have for wiping down individual chandelier crystals.  My Vitre' can be sprayed directly onto a crystal chandelier and will drip dry beautifully, but remember to cover the area underneath the chandelier with a plastic sheet to protect the surface underneath from any liquid drippings.

More of my family's tried and true cleaning tips to come....